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You Get What You Earn

Have you ever had anyone tell you, “You deserve …….”? I know that I have heard that and even said that about other people. However, the truth is that you get what you earn. So I am not mistaken, I am not saying that when bad or unfortunate things happen to people that they have earned that. Sometimes misfortune falls upon us all. However, when we work hard for something, we get what we earn.

When I was competing, there were some big matches that I lost that I felt that I deserved to win. I had worked extremely hard and had been very diligent in my training. I felt like I had taken all of the steps necessary in order for me to be prepared to win those matches, nevertheless, I still lost. So did I deserve to win? Not really. I had prepared to win, but I didn’t execute enough to win those matches. My competitors were able to execute more than I did in those matches or execute in a way within the set of rules that we were operating under that allowed them to have higher value executions.

When you think about it, things really are that simple. There are sets of rules and laws that we must abide by, and our rewards and results are determined within our ability to take action within those given sets or rules. Sometimes people make things a moral issue out of subjects that don’t even relate to morality. For example, there may be individuals who have extreme success in their industry because they are good at what they do, and they have developed those skill sets that allow them to be successful. However, these same individuals may not operate at a high level morally. Maybe they are compulsive liars and steal candy from babies and push old ladies over that walk down the street. Although they do some pretty crappy things, their expertise in the other skill sets that allow them to succeed in their industry is still there so they still succeed in that industry.

To sum up the idea of you get what you earn, if you want more, then you must do more. You must be intentional about working to get what you want, and you need to do it in a way that will provide the results that you are looking for. Also more does not always mean harder. Instead you can work more intelligently. In any case, if you want more, you need to do more.



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