Winners and Losers

Winning feels better than losing does.

“Losers have tons of variety. Champions just take pride in learning to hit the same old boring winning shots.” – Vic Braden

How much time are you spending on the fundamentals? It doesn’t matter what field or industry that you are in, there are certain fundamentals of what you are working at that need attention. It is human nature to often times look for the new or flashy fad that they think will bring them success. However, the truth is that the better you are at fundamentals, the more success that you will achieve in whatever you are working at.

I have taught kids all over the country, and it is always easy to pick out which kids are really going to succeed. The kids that will have the most success are the ones that stick to the basics and repeat them over and over again, trying to find the perfect way to execute the same old boring move day in and day out. They are able to focus on a couple of things and get really good at them. On the other hand, I also see kids who jump from one move to the next without really mastering any of them. I don’t blame them because I have definitely been in that situation before. It is much more fun to practice the new, slick, fancy move that looks really cool when executed as opposed to working on the same thing that you worked on the day before, and the day before that, and the day before that. However, it is also a lot more fun to win than it is to lose, and the more that I focus on doing the basics correctly and better than my competition, the more I win.

I really think that the key is just sitting down and deciding, “Ok. What do I really want to be good at?” Then, after you have made up your mind, you need to go do that thing over and over and over again. Then, the next day, you need to get back up and go do that same thing over and over and over again. Will it be hard? Of course it will be, but that is the same reason why you will value the skill so much after you have mastered it because you will know that you worked so hard for it.

Stay focused and become great at something. The world needs and is waiting for you.