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Small Changes Make A Big Difference

I ran 4.5 miles this morning for my workout. I have never loved running although I did quite a bit of it during my wrestling career, especially in college. I always saw running as a necessary evil that allowed me to cross train and stay in shape while I was getting ready for a wrestling competition or just trying to maintain my fitness level in the off season. However, my wife recently started training for a half marathon, and she has inspired me to give running a try. The beauty of it is the method that she is using to prepare for her race. She is using the Galloway method.

Most everybody has heard about Prefontaine, but Galloway was also a world class runner who was very competitive, often times finishing second to Prefontaine in various competitions. Prefontaine’s method and strategy was to go harder and longer than everybody else. He was unique, and his method worked for him. That is why he was one of the great ones. However, Galloway had a different strategy of slowly building up your base over time. It wasn’t about being the fastest out of the chute, it was about sustained effort over time with breaks for recovery.

By applying the run walk method, it has changed how I feel about running. Before I would run and huff and puff until I was exhausted. Now, I run a little and walk a little and over time the mileage adds up. I still get a great workout, but I don’t feel so wiped out that I won’t be able to do anything for the rest of the day. This one simple change has made all of the difference in the world.

Also while you’re walking you don’t have to walk at a snails pace to recover. You can still keep up a fairly brisk pace and get the recovery that you need. For example, I was walking at a 3.5 mile pace to recover, and it was very easy. I picked it up to 4.0, and although it is slightly faster, it is still very manageable to recover at this speed. I am think about even upping it to 4.1 and increasing my working pace by .1 as well. These small changes make a difference in the overall mileage after running for 45 minutes.

Small changes can provide big results in all areas of life. My challenge to you is to find areas in your life where you can make small and simple changes that will provide big returns over time. It can and will make all of the difference in the world.


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