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Romania Day 8 I Think

August 12th, 2007
Well it has been a couple of days since I have had some time to update this. Yesterday I weighed in. I didn’t have any real troubles making weight. The night before weigh ins I was 4.5 kilos overweight, but somehow I mananged to sleep off 3.3 kilos and only had to lose a couple of pounds on the day of weigh ins. I went for a little run and then sat in the sauna for a little bit. After weigh ins I went and watched the other wrestlers compete. For the afternoon session Brad Vering was the only left in the first group that was still wrestling. I watched him wrestle and beat the hungarian wrestler for third. He looked pretty good. He lost a close one to Georgia earlier in the day. I heard that the other guys lost of close of tight ones too.
This morning I wrestled the Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, and another Hungarian. I won my first two and then lost my third match. I was pretty happy with how I wrestled for the most part, except I jumped twice in two periods and got cautioned twice and lost four points that way. It ended up costing me the match. I ended up coming back though and winning my bronze medal match. It was a tough tournament. There were a lot of good wrestlers here and it was a fun tournament to watch. I have some pictures that I will post when I get home. In answer to BJ’s question, no I didn’t get a picture of the bear. However, I did get a picture of a guy in my weight class that looks a lot like my brother in law. I will have you notice the t-shirt that I am wearing in that one. It is one that I got from Wright Wrestling Camps.
After the tournament we ate, showered, and then jumped on a bus to Bucharest. We fly out early tomorrow morning. We leave the hotel here in Bucharest at 4 a.m. Joe  Betterman is being kind enough to lend me his computer for a few minutes so that I can write this post. It is funny how anxious I get to go home after the wrestling is over. I would have loved to jump on a plane right after the wrestling tournament got over. I think that tomorrow we fly to Amsterdam and then Minneapolis. If we have a long stop over in Amsterdam, I will try and get out to take some pictures of the city while I am there. I have been there a couple of times before, but I don’t have many pictures.
Anyway the trip overall has been a lot of fun. I feel well prepared for the world championships coming up here next month. I am having more fun wrestling now than I have in a long time, and that is something that I am very excited about. I wish everybody else good luck in all of your endeavors, and I hope that you are all well. Thanks for following me on this trip.


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