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Romania Day 6

August 10th, 2007
Last night was an interesting one. For the most part the routine didn’t vary too much from what it has been. I sat in the sauna for awhile in the afternoon. To fill you in on what the saunas are like here, I might need to explain them a little bit. A lot of times wrestlers will sit in the sauna for a couple of reasons. One reason is to relax, stretch and recover. Another reason is to lose water weight before it is time to weigh in. Basically a sauna is a wooden room with wooden benches with a heating element located somewhere in the sauna. The heating element usually will have rocks on top of it to keep some of the heat in the room. Generally water is thrown on these hot rocks to create steam in the room and increase the overall temperature. This makes it easier to sit and sweat in the sauna. I will usually stay in the sauna for about five to fifteen minutes at a time depending on how hot the sauna is and also depending on how heavy I am. Outside of the saunas there will usually be showers that you can jump into after you get out of the sauna. I like to jump out of the sauna and rinse off with a cold shower and sit out of the sauna for a few minutes to cool down a little bit and get ready for another sauna go. Sometimes there will be small pools filled with cold water known as a coldplunge that people can jump into to cool off and relax. The sauna here is a good one. It gets hot enough to break a good sweat and keep it rolling. All over Europe there are many bath houses that have a variety of hot and cold pools as well as steam rooms and saunas. They are very popular here, but they are not so popular in the United States. I just wanted to fill everybody in on what the saunas are like here.
Anyway I still haven’t gotten to the interesting part of last night, and it might be another paragraph until I do get to that part so just bear with me. After I was finished with the sauna I went to get some pizza for dinner with Harry Lester, a wrestler who trains up at Northern Michigan and wrestles 66kg for the US. The pizza was really good which is a rarity over here at times. I thought that I was hungrier than I really was. I ordered two pizzas which ended up being too much food so I had to box some of it up. I know it sounds strange that a wrestler would be eating pizza this close to weighins, I weigh in tomorrow, but yesterday was my birthday so I wanted to celebrate a little bit.

Well now I will get to the part of the night that I thought was interesting. It was kind of hot in my hotel room so I went to bed with the window open to cool things off a little bit. In the middle of the night I heard a loud banging outside. I didn’t have any idea of what it was, but to me it sounded like horses were being loaded in a trailer. This banging continue for awhile, and I was starting to get a little impatient. It was three in the morning, and I wanted my sleep. All of a sudden I heard a bunch of dogs barking outside so I got up to go see what all of the ruckus was. There were about fifteen dogs outside that had seemingly come from everywhere and they were all barking at a dumpster outside that was located next to the hotel. At first I couldn’t see what it was, but then I saw an extremely large black bear outside of the dumpster. He didn’t seem to mind the dogs too much at first and jumped back into the dumpster. It was actually kind of funny because when he got into the dumpster it spilled over with him in it. After awhile the dogs kept coming and advancing closer to the bear. A couple of times it looked like some of the dogs were actually going to attack the bear, but they would come with in a couple of feet and then retreat. However, after a couple of minutes the dogs accomplished their goal of scaring the bear away. The bear had decided that he had enough and rumbled back into the woods. This is the second year that I have been on this trip, but it is the first time that I have really seen any wildlife. We are pretty high up in the mountains, but I haven’t seen any squirrels, rabbits, deer, or many other animals for that matter. However, last night I did see a bear, and I thought that was pretty interesting.


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