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Romania Day 3

August 7th, 2007
It is day three here in Romania. Me and some of the guys came into town to buy some phones and use the internet. The cell phones here are pretty cool. They are relatively inexpensive and they enable you to receive calls for free after you purchase a sim card. I wish that I would have bought one a long time ago. This will make it much easier to keep in contact with everybody back home. There are some times when I go on trips and I don’t know if I will have access to the telephone or not. My roomate, Brad, bought a phone yesterday, and he told me all about it. So here I am in downtown Brasov after purchasing a phone, and so far, I am impressed.
This morning started out pretty early for me. I woke up at four a.m. again and didnt’ fall back asleep until about seven oclock. I woke up for breakfast at eight, squeezed in few more winks, and then went to practice at ten thirty. Practice was pretty good this morning. I wrestled with a Romanian wrestler and a Georgian. The Georgian was a heavyweight so I definitely had my hands fall. He was hard to score on, and in the end I just ended up choking him while trying to turn him. It appeared to be my last option. I finished up practice with some pushups, pullups, and bodyweight squats.  For our practice this afternoon we are just going to sauna. We get a two kilogram allowance for weigh ins so I don’t think that making weight will be much of a problem. I haven’t weighed since I have been here, but I feel like I am not too heavy.

Speaking of too heavy, today I did something I shouldn’t have. I ate at McDonald’s. It isn’t that I dislike McDonald’s, but my wife and I had made an agreement that for a year we would not eat fast food. As part of the agreement, if one of us breaks the contract; then that person has to become the other person’s servant for a week. I am hoping that the week will start now while I am out of town so that I can avoid a few extra household chores. We started this agreement about a month ago, and up until now we had both done pretty well with it. Well I guess I will just have to do my best now from here on out.

As we were walking around the city to get to this internet cafe I was thinking that this place would actually be a pretty nice place to go on vacation. There are plenty of other places that I have been before that I wouldn’t want to go back to for a vacation, but it is really nice here. They even have Dracula’s castle here. There really was no Dracula. However, there was a ruler named Vlad the Impaler who was a pretty scary guy and that is kind of where the tradition started.
I gotta run to catch the bus. I hope everyone is well.


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