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Qualities Of A Good Coach

During my competitive wrestling career, I was blessed with the opportunity to work with a wide variety of coaches including Olympic, World, NCAA, and State Champions. Some coaches were exceptional and some of them weren’t. When I got into coaching, I wanted to be a good coach so I took the time to think about all of my coaches. I then wrote down things that I liked about them as well as the things that I didn’t like about some of them. I came up with a list of the things that my coaches did or things that I wish that they had done that I felt made the biggest difference in me as an athlete and a person, and I put the characteristics or traits that I felt were most important onto my list. I tried to implement these qualities into my own coaching, however, I will be honest in that I didn’t always live up to the list. I feel like if I can live up to these qualities as a coach, or as an employee, or as a business owner, or as a friend, or as fill-in-the-blank, then I will be successful in whatever I do in life. Here is the list:

1. Be positive – You will always catch more bees with honey.

2. Be honest – Always tell your athletes the truth or follow through on your word.

3. Seek to understand – Spend time trying to understand your athlete.

4. Really care – Wrestling, school, personal, etc… they’re all related.

5. Insist on goals and a game plan – A well prepared athlete is a confident one.

6. One on one – Take time to work specifics with the athlete. Build the relationship.

7. Be excited in the wrestling room – The energy is contagious.

8. Get in your workout – Athletes respect a well conditioned coach.

9. Wrestle with the athlete – Give them the feel of what it should be like.

10. Be positive in the corner – When David fights Goliath he can use the encouragement.

11. Add variety – Keep the training fresh and they will always be willing.

12. Don’t yell from anger – This doesn’t motivate anyone.

13. Don’t take it personally – Don’t take an athlete’s loss personally.

14. Don’t speak ill of your athlete – They may never forgive you.

15. Stand up for your athlete – If they know you are fighting for them, they will always fight for you.

I am sure that there are other qualities that can go on this list as well. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think that they are.


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