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Make Life Easier With A Winning Routine

How often do you set goals, or set out to do something great, only to quickly lose momentum after a couple of days and give up? I know that I am guilty of that more than I would actually like to admit. However, I have noticed that when I am successful at developing a new skill or following through on a new goal it all comes down to a routine that I plan and stick with. There are a few parts of the routine that I have found that are most important when I am trying something new that I want to learn or do.

The first thing is to have a set time or place or both to work on the activity that you are trying to master. The routine of wrestling was easy because I knew that every day at the same time that I would have to be at the same place to get some work done. This made it more fool proof for me because all I had to do was to show up and everything after that would be set in motion for me. If you want to exercise more, set a certain time to go to the gym. If you want to read a book or learn something online, go to the library where it’s quiet. If you want to build a relationship with your kids, go watch their games and events.

The second thing that really helps me with my routines is to have other people involved. Make sure that someone else is depending on you to show up at a certain time and certain place. By doing this you make it harder on yourself to quit because you know that someone else is counting on you to show up. You would think that you should be the last person that you would give up on or break commitments with, however, you are generally the first one to break commitments with, and what you need gets put on the back burner. If you have a partner waiting for you at the gym at 6:30 am that needs you to spot them on their heavy lifts, you are going to show up because they are counting on you. 

The last thing is to not give up. Life is hard, crazy, and things don’t always go as they are planned, but that is no excuse to give up. Even if you are setting a specific time and place for yourself to work on your goals everyday, and you have recruited a partner to be there with you, there still might be days that you unfortunately miss your scheduled appointment or practice. Sometimes when this happens, people tend to have an all other nothing mindset and are ready to give up. Don’t give up. Shake off the bad day and try to get back at doing the thing that you want to do. So your routine didn’t work out for one day, so what?! You’ve lived your whole life without the skill that you are trying to develop anyway so if you miss one day, it won’t kill you. Recommit to your progress and follow through on your routine the next day. 

These three steps have helped me out so often throughout my life that I can’t express enough the importance of doing them daily. I hope these tips help you. Good luck!


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