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A Setback Can Be A Step Forward

I’ve been laid up this weekend. I’ve been inside the house for the last forty eight hours and I’m getting a little stir crazy. I’m typically a fairly active person so it’s times like these that make me grateful for when I am able to be out and about. It’s also helped me realize that a setback can be a step forward in achieving your goals.

I’m so grateful for my health. I know that this recovery period is temporary, and I’ll be back to work tomorrow. What about those people that face serious medical issues? How do they feel knowing that it can be weeks, months or the rest of their life that they will be struggling with their health? If anything, being down has helped me be ready and grateful for when I will be back up.

With all of the spare time on my hands this weekend, I’ve been able to think and reflect on more of what I want. The day to day is crazy. I work in the mortgage industry which is a high pace high stress job. I’ve got four kids, and my wife is pregnant with our fifth girl. Not to mention other responsibilities that I have with my church, it can be tough to come across time to be quiet and reflect on things. Even though I haven’t been able to workout and do as many of the things that I normally would like to, I’ve been able to reflect and focus. I’m now setting the goal to reflect and focus on a regular basis.

This short time that I’m laid up has also got me writing again. There is something about expressing ideas in the form of writing that I really enjoy. If not for this weekend, who knows when I would get back on the writing train.

To summarize, although we don’t always control our circumstances, we do have the ability to choose our attitude. Make sure that the attitude that you choose is a useful one.


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