Thoughts on Wrestling, Business, and Life

A Setback Can Be A Step Forward

I’ve been laid up this weekend. I’ve been inside the house for the last forty eight hours and I’m getting a little stir crazy. I’m typically a fairly active person so it’s times like these that make me grateful for when I am able to be out and about. It’s also helped me realize that a setback can be a step forward in achieving your goals.

I’m so grateful for my health. I know that this recovery period is temporary, and I’ll be back to work tomorrow. What about those people that face serious medical issues? How do they feel knowing that it can be weeks, months or the rest of their life that they will be struggling with their health? If anything, being down has helped me be ready and grateful for when I will be back up.

With all of the spare time on my hands this weekend, I’ve been able to think and reflect on more of what I want. The day to day is crazy. I work in the mortgage industry which is a high pace high stress job. I’ve got four kids, and my wife is pregnant with our fifth girl. Not to mention other responsibilities that I have with my church, it can be tough to come across time to be quiet and reflect on things. Even though I haven’t been able to workout and do as many of the things that I normally would like to, I’ve been able to reflect and focus. I’m now setting the goal to reflect and focus on a regular basis.

This short time that I’m laid up has also got me writing again. There is something about expressing ideas in the form of writing that I really enjoy. If not for this weekend, who knows when I would get back on the writing train.

To summarize, although we don’t always control our circumstances, we do have the ability to choose our attitude. Make sure that the attitude that you choose is a useful one.

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What Do You Like To Do? Do More of That

I have been lying in bed all weekend, and that has given me some time to think. I have been pretty immobile, and my inactivity has really made me realize how much I like moving around and being active. It’s sometimes we don’t appreciate what we have until we aren’t able to do that thing any longer.

So while I’ve been laid up I started thinking more about what it is that I like to do. I like to do a lot of things. I like to read. I like to write. I like to play with technology. I like playing the guitar. I like to make videos. I like to play with my kids. I like to wrestle. I like to crossfit. I like to educate people on the home loan process and see how happy they are when they get into their new home. I like to coach others. There are so many things that I really enjoy doing. I want to spend more time doing those things.

I’m all for being responsible and taking care of business. However, we only get one chance at this life, and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to miss out on the things that you truly enjoy doing. Take time today to do what you live. It may just make you a little bit happier, and if you’re happier, you might end up changing the world for the better.

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Grab Opportunity and Don’t Let Go

Making the transition from high school wrestling to college wrestling is hard. One of the biggest challenges was adapting to how hard everyone fights in every position. 
One thing I learned is that when you grab the leg, you have to hold on tight and not let go. The same goes for any opportunity. When presented an opportunity, you need to grab it and not let go. Keep in mind that the harder you work at something the greater the reward wil be. 

Don’t let go!

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Show Up

If you want to compete at a high level, you have to train at a high level. You need to make sure that you show up to every practice every day. There are no shortcuts on the path to success. 

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Wear Sunscreen

I spent 13 hours working on the yard today. I didn’t wear sunscreen. If you’re going to spend time in the sun, cover up. 

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Push Through

Some days you won’t want to do what is required to achieve your goal. When you feel like this is when you most need to push through and do it!

Try telling yourself that if you do that thing for 30 seconds, you can quit after that. You will notice that you will probably get past the 30 seconds and even much longer. The action of doing something will keep you moving toward your goals. 

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How To Win

Today I got to take a trip to the Olympic Training Center to watch a practice and share a short message afterwards. Below are a few points I shared with the team:

  1. Write your goals down. When you write down your goals and start working toward them, magic happens, and you achieve them. 
  2. If you want to be the best ok the world, you have to outwork everybody else in your room. Make things a competition to push yourself and others to new levels of performance. 
  3. Listen to your coach. They’ve been there and done that. You haven’t so you should listen to them. 
  4. Enjoy the journey. Love every minute of your journey because one day it will be over. 

There are plenty of other things that go into winning, but this list definitely can help along the way. 

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Everyone has an opinion, but the most important one is yours and what you think about yourself. 

The opinions of others have little effect on what you can do. Every great breakthrough in history faced vehement opposition prior to succeeding. 

Believe in yourself and take action. 

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Keep It Simple

In this hectic life, it is easy to become overwhelmed with all of the tasks and responsibilities that are required of us on a daily basis. Instead of thinking about everything that needs to be done, try to focus on the task directly in front of you. 

I remember that one of my main focuses in college wrestling was to get to the leg. If I could make one good leg attack and get to the leg, there was a very good chance that I would score. Then, I would focus on keeping my opponent down and work to score more points. The best matches that I wrestled were the ones that I was able to keep my focus and not get ahead of myself by thinking of winning the match or winning the tournament. Some of the worst matches were the ones where I played out too many scenarios in my head and complicated things. If I could focus on doing one thing well and executing with intensity, things always seemed to work out for me. 

The next time you feel overwhelmed by all of the things you need to do, stop for a minute and do the following: prioritize your tasks, do the task directly in front of you, move on to the next task, and execute. If you follow through on this formula, you will be glad that you did, and you’ll get more done. 

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The Law of The Harvest

If a farmer wants to grow corn, he knows he is going to need to plant the seeds, water the corn, weed it, protect it from pests, and finally harvest it. If the farmer neglects any of these steps, he won’t be surprised to not have a plentiful harvest. He knows that to get the results that he wants he is going to have to do the work that is required to get them.

In today’s culture, it seems that some people have forgotten about the importance of this law. They want immediate results, but they don’t want to put forth the sustained effort that is required to attain those results. This is a recipe for disaster. There are processes involved with the attainment and achievement of any goal, and there is always a price to be paid.

Pay the price, get the result. It’s not easy. It will require work. It will be difficult, but it is the only way.

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